Toss, Donate or Consign?

We know very well that when it comes to organizing your closet, things can be harder than you would think. Getting rid of pieces that “no longer spark joy” can sometimes be easier said than done (yes, you may not wear that neon blazer from 2002, but it definitely makes you joyful).

Knowing when to toss, when to donate and when to consign can be a headache on its own, but we have good news—there are lots of options to make this experience a little more stress free and we have categorized them for you.

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As sustainable fashion advocates, we encourage throwing away clothing as a last resort. However, now and then that it’s going to be necessary. Think of these three key words when debating if a piece needs to be thrown out: damaged, stained, overly worn.

We get it, you wore that J Crew sweater twice a week for five years and have some great memories attached to it. You couldn’t imagine just throwing it away even though there is a teensy reminder of last year’s summer BBQ on the collar. Damaged or stained clothing is not going to benefit anyone and ultimately, it is best to throw away or reuse it as rags to clean your apartment (old sweatshirts make great dish cloths).


Making a difference one blouse at a time! Deciding what to donate usually comes down to the quality and the investment you previously made. Any sort of fast fashion clothing is usually best to free yourself of by donating. Basics that you have grown out of or that floral dress you bought last minute for $25 is most likely not worth consigning, but could make a significant difference in another women’s life. There are tons of donation options and with a quick Google search, you should be able to locate a women’s centre close by that would be thrilled to accept your gently used clothing.


One woman’s “over it” is another woman’s “need it.” Our biggest advice when consigning is to consign with intention. If you want to make money off of an old piece so that you can buy something new, we suggest looking for consignment stores that have perks for using your earnings with them. If you are wanting money in your pocket, make sure you are educated on what commission percentage you are getting on that piece and if it’s worth it to you. Purses and accessories are going to get you your biggest bang for your buck because anyone can wear them. Shoes and clothing are often consigned at a lower price point because they are sized, but they are still worth consigning as sustainability continues to cause major buzz in the fashion industry.

There are plenty of consignment shops online and across Canada that you should be able to consign any brand you would like. The more you invested in a piece, the more you will want to get out of it, so consign away!

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