Walk Into the World of Kendall Barber

We can all relate to a girl boss that has a soft spot for red wine, cookies and shoes, and let’s be real, who doesn’t love all three? That’s one of the many reasons we’re obsessed with Kendall Barber, owner and co-founder of Poppy Barley. She’s running a kick ass business while still being true to herself and relatable on all levels - like having a shoe shopping addiction. Kendall is the next Babes Who Brunch speaker in Calgary, and we couldn’t be more excited to hear her share the story of Poppy Barley and the journey of starting her own business.

Kendall Barber The Ace Class

You know those times where you find the cutest pair of shoes, but once you have them on your feet they just don’t fit right? Kendall’s sister Justine was in Bali and found a pair of shoes she loved, but they were the wrong size. Thinking the shoes were just going to be added to the sad list of “those items that got away” (tell me you keep a mental list of these too), Justine was pleasantly surprised when the owner of the shop took her measurements and just made a new pair that fit her perfectly. At that moment, the girls realized shoes could be customized, and the idea for Poppy Barley was born.

The Edmonton-based company provides ethically made, custom footwear and recognizes that one size definitely does not fit all. Poppy Barley enables you to customize your design and measure yourself in less than 10 minutes - goodbye uncomfortable shoes! Fashionable styles, meets high quality craftsmanship, meets your closet.

With any successful business, the journey in making it what it is today isn’t always a smooth road - Kendall has learned a lot along the way. During our next event, be prepared to get a glimpse of what it’s been like creating Poppy Barley, how Kendall has grown her confidence in herself and her business, and how she finds inspiration to keep going even during those maybe-I-should-quit moments.

On Saturday, August 25th we're hosting a very special edition of Babes who Brunch as an evening, long table dinner on the rooftop of Junction 9. If you’ve never been to an Ace Class event, we’re so excited to meet you, and for those that are returning, thank you for being awesome. We can never get enough of the high we feel after leaving these events and we couldn’t do it without you. PS the password to grab your tickets is MEMBERS. 

Connect with Kendall: @KendallJBarber