#WomenofAce: Meet Ada Slivinski

Ada Slivinski is the Public Relations powerhouse behind Jam PR. She thrives on building strong relationships in the community and supports brands and businesses to own their success. Her main message to others is, “don’t be afraid to start at the bottom and put in the work”, because we can change, influence and build our own lives. Ada cultivates community and connection in everything she does, and that’s why she is this week’s Women of ACE. Read on to get a glimpse into who Ada is, and how she’s showing up in the community.

We are not entitled to anything but we can make a pretty incredible life for ourselves if we are willing to put in the work.
— Ada Slivinski
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ACE: What are you up to? ( Your current hustle )

Ada: I own and run Jam PR, a small firm focused on getting media exposure for small businesses. We throw events that create memorable brand experiences as well as running social media campaigns and influencer collaborations. My focus is on client relationships, managing media campaigns and providing my team with what they need to be successful. Throughout the past three years we’ve been in business, we’ve been able to work with some incredible entrepreneurs - from restaurant owners, to brand new apps to real estate developers. The broad range of companies we work with keeps my day so varied and interesting and I am ALWAYS learning. 

ACE: Why is this important to you? ( Where did this passion come from? )

Ada: Seeing the direct impact the work we do has on a business is what lights me up. The media world is changing so fast and it feels great to know I can help translate, navigate and optimize that. There’s nothing better than tracking website hits or new customers back to a media story, except maybe seeing our clients get the attention they deserve as experts in their field. 

ACE: What was your dream job growing up? How do you think this has influenced who you are today?

Ada: Growing up, I always wanted to own a bed and breakfast and host people from around the world. I used to joke that it was my retirement plan but my husband and I were recently able to open up our first Airbnb, The Chilliwack House, and it’s been so fun to be able to live out that childhood dream in some way. I think hospitality and making people feel comfortable was always something that was important to me: creating a beautiful space to put your feet up and exhale at the end of the day. 

ACE: How do you empower other women?

Ada: The women I am most conscious of empowering are my two young daughters. For me the most important thing is to help them find the power to believe in and trust themselves so they can advocate for what they know is right. At work, my team is made up of all women - not by design but they just happened to be the best people for the job. It feels great to be able to grow and learn as a team and empower and support each other. I also attend events, buy products and visit shops created by women.

ACE: If you could describe yourself in only three words, what would they be?

Ada: Hard-working, goofy and idealistic 

ACE: Can you share the biggest lesson you’ve learned from a failure or hardship? OR, the biggest lesson you’ve learnt in your life.

Ada: The biggest lesson I’ve learned is to start at the bottom and put in the work. My parents and I immigrated to Canada from Poland when I was four years old. We came to the country with just four suitcases, we lived in a small apartment and my dad worked as a janitor at the Ottawa Civic Hospital while he waited for the paperwork for his engineering degree to transfer. We are not entitled to anything but we can make a pretty incredible life for ourselves if we are willing to put in the work. My dad now travels around the world overseeing the installation of radioactive sources in medical equipment that helps treat cancer patients.

ACE: Who’s your biggest inspiration and why?

Ada: Without a doubt, my mom is my biggest inspiration. She’s one of the smartest people I know, has a masters degree in biomedical engineering (which she finished when I was a newborn) and yet she chose to stay home and raise four kids - even homeschooling my brother and I for three years. Growing up I felt so honoured that she thought raising us was a task worthwhile of devoting her intelligence and education to wholeheartedly. I value the time she put in and sacrifice she made immensely and try my best not to let it go to waste.  

ACE: When you are feeling overwhelmed, what do you do to find peace?

Ada: Fresh air and exercise have always been my reset button. When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I’ll go for a run and then stop along the way and sit somewhere in silence for a few minutes and just let my head clear. A little sweat and sunshine goes a long way! 

ACE: Do you have a go-to quote or mantra you live by?

Ada: “Everything around you that you call life was made up by people that were no smarter than you and you can change it, you can influence it, you can build your own things that other people can use.” Steve Jobs I heard this in a Netflix documentary and it’s stuck with me ever since. It really challenges and motivates me to innovate.  

ACE: What is a book, podcast or resource you would recommend for our community and why?

Ada: I honestly think the best resources for education and growth is the daily news. Subscribe to digital editions of The New York Times, The Globe and Mail, The Star, pick up your small town community paper. Hard news cuts through all the noise and gets right to the core of real issues that matter. Growing up, we had CBC radio on at our house and in the car all the time and As It Happens is still my very favourite radio show. There is so much that happens in the world every 24 hours and our lives are just such a small part of it.

ACE: What’s your guilty pleasure?  

Ada: A big glass of red wine and a couple old episodes of Gossip Girl.

ACE: Where can we find out more about you so we can continue to support you?

Ada: Check out Jam PR for more about my business and what we do. We are always up to something new and are plugged into so many great events around the city - following @jamprco on Instagram will keep you in the loop. You can also stay at my Airbnb The Chilliwack House next time you’re out in the Fraser Valley and share the link with your friends.