#WomenOfAce: Meet Dorian Kitsch

What started as a gateway to showcase her creative side, is now a successful full-time hustle for Dorian Kitsch. Her handmade jewelry line is unexpected, beautiful, and unique. Read on to hear the story of this week’s Woman of Ace, and how she is finding that delicate balance between motherhood, business, and me-time.

dorian kitsch

Ace: What are you up to? ( Your current hustle )

Dorian: Right now my main focus is being a mom – BUT, I also operate my jewelry brand, CoutuKitsch. We’re a mostly female operated biz (apart from my hot business partner / husband Kofi) located in Inglewood, Calgary. I’m also part owner of The Livery Shop, which is where our studio is, so life is a little crazy.

Ace: Why is this important to you? ( Where did this passion come from? )

Dorian: I’ve always been a creative - I loved crafts, drawing, and fashioning clothes and accessories for my Barbies when I was a child. Basically I need to fuel my creative juices to be happy, and that’s why I started making jewelry.

Ace: What was your dream job growing up? How do you think this has influenced who you are today?

Dorian: I wanted to be a fashion designer! I’ve always loved playing around with my closet and pairing things together in an unexpected way. I love fashion; it’s a part of who I am.

Ace: If you could describe yourself in only three words, what would they be?

Dorian: Determined, compassionate, generous, shy, goofy, hilarious, creative, oh and humble. That’s not five, but who’s counting?

Ace: Who’s your biggest inspiration and why?

Dorian: My daughter Goldie. I want our business to be successful for her future, and I want to be someone she can look up to, and aspire to be.

Ace: What does the term “Boss Babe” mean to you?

Dorian: To me, being a boss babe is just doing your best at whatever it is you do - being the best version of you.

Ace: How do you empower other women?

Dorian: For some reason women think they can’t wear certain things, even when it comes to jewelry. I try to encourage women to come out of their comfort zone and wear whatever speaks to them. Wear what you want, and be who you want. You know?

Ace: What is the best advice you’ve ever received from another woman?

Dorian: Sunny days wouldn’t be special if it wasn’t for rain. Not everything is going to be great all the time, and it’s best to just accept life as it comes. This is a hard one for me, I react too quickly sometimes, so I am trying to be more easy going. Life is easier if you don’t expect things to go exactly to plan.

Ace: Can you share the biggest lesson you’ve learned from a failure?

Dorian: It may be cliché, but don’t give up. There will always be obstacles, and people who aren’t rooting for your success, but don’t let it bring you down. Try again, and try even harder.

Ace: When you are feeling overwhelmed, what do you do to find peace?

Dorian: I need quiet time by myself. My life gets so hectic and busy, especially now that I’m a mom, as well as a small business owner. I really just like to be alone sometimes. Also, working out. I took a long break after I had Goldie and I just recently started again. I forgot how much I need it to feel good, not only physically but mentally as well.

Ace: What legacy do you hope to be remembered for?

Dorian: Being a bad ass babe who has excellent taste in jewelry.

Ace: Where can we find out more about you so we can continue to support you?

Dorian: The best place to keep up with me is on Instagram. I also share some insight into my personal world on stories.

Stay connected with Dorian: @coutukitsch