Hey boss babe!

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We’ve identified you as a woman that represents Ace in all it's entirety. This is because... You are making waves in your community. You are continuously working on personal and professional development. You are committed to empowering others. And most of all, you believe in the power of vulnerability and being real. The work we’re doing is so important in the way we change the way women connect with one another. Help us spread the word and contribute to the movement of impacting as many women possible.

Here’s what investment we need from you as a speaker so we can make sure the experience is as impactful as we can make it:


Get your community excited to celebrate this win with you on both your personal and business profiles. Share that you'll be speaking and how excited you are to meet and connect with the community. Download event images for sharing in this Dropbox here. We'll also be providing you with your own speaker images to share through e-mail.


Hey [insert city] babes! Come brunch with me 🥂 I'm excited to be keynoting the next Babes Who Brunch series with @theaceclass_ 💁 Join me as I share my story over brunch, curated conversation and impactful discussion. Find tickets through the link in my bio ✨

*This is just a guideline - feel free to edit to add your own brand flare and personality


We'll provide you with an exclusive promo code to share with your community so they can come support you doing your thing. 


Give a little something to your community by hosting a contest for two Babes Who Brunch tickets to come hear you speak with a tag and follow @theaceclass_ call to action.


[CONTEST] Brunch is always a good idea ✨ I've teamed up with @theaceclass_ to giveaway 2️⃣ tickets to the next Babes Who Brunch on Saturday, [insert date] 🥂 Expect mimosas, impactful conversations and inspiring real talk over brunch. To enter, tag a pal you'd like to brunch with + follow @theaceclass_ and [your company handle]. Winners will be announced [insert date] 🤞. #theaceclass

*This is just a guideline - feel free to edit to add your own brand flare and personality


You can absolutely bring a friend to root for you. Let us know who will be joining you as a plus 1 to come as your support system. 



Event flow

You'll arrive and participate in the "networking" session until the first course of brunch comes out 15 minutes after the event starts. You'll get to chat with the ladies at your table for about 30-45 minutes as well as eat your brunch before our host introduces you and invites you up to speak.  Once you get the mic you fully have the floor to speak about your story or topic - get deep, real and raw. You're in a supportive community. After your talk, we invite the women in the room to ask questions or share anything that came up for them while you shared your story.  We have never cut anyone off before but find that ~ 45 minutes is the sweet spot with enough time for Q&A. If that sounds like a lot, relax - once you have the mic in your hand, it's just about sharing your journey and you have a BADASS story to tell, which is why we asked you to speak.

That's it from us for now! We're so excited to see you rock the mic and tell your story. If you have any more questions, please reach out to the respective city Community Activator and they'll be sure to fill in any gaps!